“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us.”

About Grace

An Extraordinary Story of an Ordinary Woman

Grace Daquila is known for her inspirational stories, her love of God and her remarkable gift of connecting people with Christ. As a seasoned Christian speaker and retreat leader, Grace has inspired generations to know and love Christ through her popular workshops, presentations and meditations. Grace also serves as a member of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Transition Team for Making All Things New.

For 20 years, Grace has devoted her life to helping others understand these foundational messages:

  • God loves you unconditionally (despite your mistakes and failures!).
  • The Gospels of Christ apply to our everyday lives (even 2,000 years later).
  • There are miracles happening all around you.
  • God is real and He is there for you – He is ready and waiting to have a personal relationship with you.
  • Life has real meaning when God becomes the center of it.

Grace’s name is no coincidence. She blesses people with her simple, real faith and unending doses of inspiration. Like a physician treating a patient, Grace relies on an infinite supply of scripture passages to prescribe hope and healing to women.

We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His Purpose. – Romans 8:28

Grace reaches her audience by candidly sharing her own faith journey with humor and passion. Her story is not unlike most women…it contains fear, doubt, hopelessness and loneliness…and ultimately, abundant joy and everlasting love. It’s a rocky path that led her to Christ and enabled her to fulfill her life purpose.

Grace’s Story

I Used to Think God Lives in Italy

As the daughter of Italian immigrants, I spent my childhood in a country that was foreign to my parents. For me it felt like living in two worlds, not knowing where I fit in.  My mother was depressed much of the time having left all of her friends and family behind while my father worked two jobs that kept him away from home. Although, my parents were loving traditional Catholics, it was not a normal childhood. I remembers feeling that things were only “normal” when the family went “home” to visit in Italy. As a child, I was convinced that God must live in Italy, because life was happy there.

In my teen years, I started to rebel against my family lifestyle.  I started to look for that something I felt was missing.  I filled that void with excitement and danger, putting myself in difficult situations.

Through God’s grace, I made it through those years.  I married at 23 and became a mother at age 24; and five years later, I was pregnant with my second child.  Even with all my worldly possessions, I still felt something was missing.

I had everything the world said I should have — a good husband, nice house, beautiful daughter and one on the way.  Yet, there was this deep yearning for something else and I couldn’t put my finger on it.  I kept blaming my marriage.  I expected my husband to fill a void that only God could fill.

How My Cleaning Lady Saved Me

One day, a Christian woman came into my life. This woman’s story ignited my passion to discover the truth of God’s unconditional love for me  The woman had two young girls she was trying to support as a cleaning lady, while saving money to flee from her abusive husband. The details of her story are horrific. I asked her how she kept such a joyous attitude with all her problems.  Her response was simply:  Jesus.

She dumbfounded me,  Even with all her troubles, she had more joy than me.  She had the missing piece to the puzzle — Jesus.  One day, she prayed with me and that began my own personal transformation.  It hasn’t been easy letting go of worldly things. But, there’s no comparison to the joy and peace that God has given me.

Praying with this woman made me realize that it was a personal relationship with Jesus I needed. The call God put on my life became loud and clear.  The mission became apparent.  To help others connect the “missing piece” of their lives.  I know that no one or nothing can fill that void, except God.  My mission became apparent when I realized my story helped so many others.

I Have Seen the Power of Prayer

Soon after, I attended a Healing Mass and began to discover the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. I was praying for my brother who was hospitalized with a high fever. His illness was a mystery to the doctors.

During the Mass, people spoke of their personal healing.  As a “doubting Thomas,” I remained a skeptic, until a mother shared the story of her eleven-year-old child who was dying.  She said three months ago doctors gave her child only several weeks to live. She admitted her faith in God was shaken to the core as she watched her child languish.  The mother became overcome with emotion and could no longer speak.

The priest continued to tell the mother’s story, speaking about a conversation he had with the little girl in the hospital. He asked  if there was anything she wanted to pray for.  The child softly said, “I’d like to taste french fries one last time.” The priest said his heart ached for her. He explained that God’s will is a mystery and it doesn’t always include physical healing, but He always gives us peace. After telling this story, the priest stopped, looked up at the congregation and called the girl by name and invited her to stand next to him.  She was beautiful! The emotions in the church were indescribable. Hundreds of people spontaneously stood up clapped, cried and rejoiced together.  The priest put his arm around her and told the congregation, “We went out for french fries last week”.

This miracle became a turning point in my life.  The bible was no longer just a history book filled with nice stories, but a living, breathing way of life.  In an instant, I understood what it felt like for the followers of Jesus as they watched Him perform unbelievable miracles.

At the end of Mass, I told Father the reason I came to the healing service was to pray for my brother. I assumed he would give me some big assignment.  Instead, he enthusiastically said, “Pray for him, he’s going to be okay.”  Feeling hopeful, I went home.  An hour later my sister-in-law called from the hospital relieved because my brother’s fever broke for the first time in weeks.  The doctors were postponing the scheduled bone marrow test for the next morning to “See what happens.”   He regained his strength and was released from the hospital days later. His medical report said every test came back inconclusive. The cause of his illness was never discovered.

I knew the answer was never going to be found in any medical report. I learned the answer is in God’s Will.  His answer might not always be what we want, when we want it, but He always gives us what we need and the peace to handle all of life’s challenges.

I Didn’t Choose This Profession – I Was Led Here

I became consumed with reading the Bible and attending Bible study.  The word of God became truth and life. I spend my life sharing the love of God through retreats, seminars, workshops, conferences, adult faith formation, and personal conversations.

If someone were to tell me years ago that one day I would be a public speaker,  I’d have told them they were crazy. I used to be afraid of public speaking while I was in school. When I entered kindergarten I could only speak Italian.  Although, I learned English in a week, it left a lasting impression on me and I had very low self esteem.  When I turned my life to Christ, the Holy Spirit transformed my fear of failure and  replaced it with confidence and the power to be His witness.

My Life is No Coincidence – It is a God-incident!

Grace’s childhood and early adult years set the foundation for her work. She believes every one of her failures and challenges was a stepping-stone to fulfilling her purpose. In fact, Grace knows that nothing in her life is a coincidence, but rather a “God-incidence” – part of God’s carefully orchestrated plan to put her in the position to help transform others.

After working with Grace, many people experience a deep transformation. They say they feel different after a workshop or retreat:

I go to church on Sunday, but I still feel distant. You’ve helped me connect with Him in a deeper way that I didn’t think was possible.

My mom made me come to this and I’m so happy I did. You make Jesus simple for me to understand.

You seem to read my mind.

If church could be more like this, I would go more often.

I feel a peace when I come to one of your workshops.

You have a way of making God come alive; you talk about Jesus like He’s right here with us.

You talk about Jesus like you know Him personally.

It’s easy to see how much you love Jesus and makes me want to know Him like that too.

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