“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us.”


Hundreds of groups have been Inspired by Grace!

Last year during the season of Lent, St. Charles Church conducted a Women’s Evening of Prayer lead by Grace. It was so inspiring and uplifting for the women of our parish, that we decided to go forward with a Women’s Prayer group which we call Women’s Worship Wednesdays which Grace facilitates. These evenings of prayer have strengthened my prayer life as well as my relationship with the Lord. It is so refreshing to share faith with like-minded women. All of the women who meet have the opportunity to talk about where their faith and God fit into all the trials and happy moments in their lives. Grace has a gift of bringing to light that God is present in everything we do and in everything that goes on around us. She helps us reflect on that truth so that we can see those “God moments.” All the women in the group are so thankful to have Grace lead our prayer group.
– Joanne Baranello

I had a great time at the Girls Empowerment Conference at the College of Staten Island HS. Your talk was a powerful reminder that girls and women have the potential for great things, if only we believe in our inner strengths. Thank you so much, Grace. I am infinitely grateful and inspired by you.
– Meredith Forsyth, Senior at St. Joseph Hill Academy

Meredith Forsythm (2nd from left), fellow seniors from St. Joseph Hill Academy, and Grace at the Girls Empowerment Conference

Meredith Forsythm (2nd from left), fellow seniors from St. Joseph Hill Academy, and Grace at the Girls Empowerment Conference

Grace’s respite segment for our Special Needs Lifeline event at the Seton Foundation was a spiritual healing for all who attended. She guided the caregivers, teachers, and administration of this facility to a peaceful place within themselves. Her techniques are simple, effective and down to earth. And it’s all done in a spa-like atmosphere. The special needs caregiver truly deserves someone like Grace. After a guided meditation session you will feel refreshed, stronger, and calmer. I know I do.
– Camille Gallo, Executive Director, Special Needs Lifeline Corp.

Grace is truly a woman of “grace”.  The young and old have all benefitted from her spirituality as a presenter on retreats.  She helps people see the ordinary events of their lives with a new perspective. Her approach is simple and yet very profound. I highly recommend that you take advantage of the opportunities that Grace provides to help you grow in your spiritual life. You will definitely benefit from the time you give to whatever program she is sponsoring. – Sr. Denise Martin FDC, Campus Minister of St. Joseph Hill Academy H.S.

I can honestly say from going to many of Grace’s retreats that my connection to God has become a lot stronger. Grace really showed me that I need that foundation at an early age so whenever I come across a challenge or conflict in my future I can get through it. – Tiffany Intravia, Student at SJHA

She inspires and counsels children of all ages, men and women of all ages.  She is a shining example of faith and God’s love for everyone.  She is a wonderful teacher and spiritual guide using scripture, tradition and life experience to touch hearts and souls of all those she meets. She has been given the gifts and talent to do so and humbly answered the call. – Gloria DePietro, Coordinator of Religious Education of  St. Christopher’s Church

Grace is the real deal.  She has a gift and she’s very willing to share that gift. I wish we could clone her and get her message out to all children in all schools.  My wish is that we all get on the Grace train and make this world a better place.  All those who feel the same way need to know that we are not alone and help each other spread the Word of God. I highly recommend attending one of Grace’s retreats. You won’t be disappointed. Teresa Intravia- President of the PTA of St. Joseph Hill Academy, H.S.

I have known Grace D’Aquila for over a year now, and she never ceases to amaze me! I met her during Meditation Mondays, held at SJHA every month. At that time, I was struggling with a serious medical issue, and a friend invited me to attend this monthly meditation and discussion session. I have always placed myself in God’s hands, and I believe God sent Grace and this meditation group to me at that time to help me through this difficult time in my life. She has helped me and others in the group to come closer to our Lord, and understand His message more clearly. Grace is very clear and strong in her faith and shares her strength with us all. Her message of God’s love for us gives hope and peace to all who attend. Thanks to God, I am past my medical crisis, but still attend Meditation Mondays with Grace. It’s become a special time for us all to sit and relate to our Lord and feel His love for us, through Grace’s guidance and meditation. I wouldn’t miss it! – Valerie Venterina

At a certain time in my life, when things were not exactly going as I planned, I felt I needed God in my life on a different level. My friend came to me one day and asked if I would be interested in joining her at Meditation Monday presented by Grace Daquila. I said yes, and since then I have been going every month. God has given me a way to find joy and hope through Meditation Monday in a time when the road is rough. Grace has been an inspiration and listening to her has had a healing effect for me. I realize that we are all not so different and all need God in our life. For now, Meditation Monday is where I find my peace in a chaotic world. – Toni DeGennaro

I highly recommend Grace’s retreats and presentations because she is someone that one can highly relate to. The first time I went on one of Grace’s retreats reminded me of someone who might be my neighbor, or my friend’s mom. Her relationship with God is admirable because it is realistic and relatable to the average person. She is not a nun, she does not spend all day praying. Grace is the prime example of how God can be present in our regular lives if we let him. While doing one retreat with Grace, I specifically remember how easily God seemed to be incorporated into her life. Her ability to lead groups in meditation is outstanding, from personal experience, her mediations have been some of the most powerful prayer experiences I have ever had. Grace successfully conveys, through stories, scripture passages and life experiences just how much we are loved by God and just how present He already is, whether we choose to see him or not. Most importantly, coming away from it all, I have seen, through my own experience, and through those of my friends who have gone on her retreats as well, a genuine desire to WANT that new relationship with God, to want to make Him an active part of our lives. – Catherine Ducey, Student at NYU

I first met Grace in April 2010 at a retreat held at the school where my 2 younger children attend. I found this retreat to be extremely powerful and quite inspirational. In January of 2010, my 15-year old daughter was diagnosed with a heart condition, which will alter her life forever. As a parent hearing this news was and always will be devastating. I was praying to God to give me the strength that I would need to help guide me through this time. In April 2011 at another retreat ran by Grace, God gave me my guide. As I was leaving the retreat Grace walked over to me and as if I was ever told I looked like a “movie star”, that is what she said to me. We began to laugh and started talking. I told Grace how her retreat gave me some comfort and I began to tell her about my daughter’s heart condition. Grace did not hesitate to tell me she has a very close family member who also has a life altering heart condition. Grace and I exchanged numbers and within hours she called me. It is so nice to speak with someone who feels my fears and concerns. She also put me in touch with a Doctor who specializes in what my daughter has and in the end it proved to be helpful. Grace will never understand the impact she has made in my life. My daughter will always have this condition and nothing can ever change that. However, when you find someone like Grace who truly cares it helps you deal with a circumstance you thought you could not handle. I believe people come in our lives for a reason and by the Grace of God I found my guide through Grace. – Carolann Love

Grace Daquila’s quiet, spiritual voice draws me to the monthly evening Meditation Monday prayer meetings. Even after a hectic, tiring weekend and a trying first day back to the office, meditating with Grace is reason to leave the comfort of my home. I always have the energy to join her and the other women in our small group in prayerful meditation. It’s her exuberance for her Catholic faith and dedication to Jesus Christ, her inspiration in faith that is the example for us to strive to be more like her. I met Grace a year before this at my parish, St. Christopher’s retreat.When I was told that Grace would be the leader in this monthly retreat, I KNEW that it would be a very enriching experience for me. Grace finds so many wonderful methods of prayerful meditation as she often surprises us with music that accompanies our deep breathing meditation, or with the stories we read aloud and learn how our lives parallel those passages, or the open discussion of how our past has been the impetus for our search for Christ in our lives. My connection to God has been stronger thanks to Grace and her meaningful presence at the monthly Meditation Monday gatherings. The peace that I leave with stays with me for a long period of time. I’m happy and so is my family. – Elena Brady

I am no stranger to seeing Grace Daquila at work. For several years, I attended her one day retreats at St. Christopher’s through my grammar school, St. Charles. Although I was quite young, there was just something about Grace that drew me to her. I admired her but did not quite understand what it was that I admired about her. It was not until I had the pleasure to personally work with Grace on a four day retreat called Kairos that I truly understood what I had for so longed admired: Grace’s faith and relationship with God. Grace is an everyday woman who is at the same time exceptional. She is exceptional because God’s love radiates through her. As a result, Grace not only touches the lives of all the people she comes into contact with but is also a prime example of how powerful a relationship with God can be. As a 20 year old young woman, it is easy for me to connect with Grace. She is full of joy, of God’s joy. Every time I speak with her, I feel refreshed; it is as if I can tackle the world. Like I said, Grace radiates and I feel beyond blessed to have her as a spiritual guide. – Lauren Bosco, Student at Marist College

Over the years I have been apart of several of Grace’s retreats and they have been nothing but a blessing in my life. Along with the retreats I also attend Meditation Mondays which help me to relax and focus on myself and God. It is the much needed break that I know most teenagers and adults strive for in their lives. Grace encourages me to look at God and my faith in new eye-opening ways. Because of this my faith is now stronger than ever. Although I’m sure she is always busy, whenever I send her a message she responds quickly and reassures me to keep on living my life for God. I aspire to be like Grace in so many ways, Not only is her relationship with God amazing, but she also shows so much love to not only her family and retreat-ants, but to everyone she meets.
– Alycia Bini, Student at Grove City College

I remember when my daughter made her First Holy Communion and I ‘had to’ attend a parent retreat. I was not a happy camper about ‘losing’ my entire Saturday. It was just another thing on my busy schedule and I gave it about as much thought as grocery shopping or soccer practice. I had no idea that the retreat was not about my daughter at all – it was an invitation from God for me to connect with him again…It was an opportunity to experience his love for me in a way I had not felt in years. – Retreat Participant

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